Important Membership Information

The membership of the Trinidad Saudi Chamber of Commerce is made up of reputable organizations, companies and individuals based in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the other GCC states. Members play a crucial role in the success of TSCC’s initiatives with their support and expertise.

The TSCC envisages tremendous scope for deepening the relationship between Trinidad and Tobago and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the areas of trade and commerce.

Application Procedure

  1. Complete and submit the Membership Application Form
  2. Once submitted, your information is reviewed for preliminary member approval
  3. TSCC will send you a membership invitation letter along with a copy of the completed Membership Application Form received from you and an invoice
  4. Proceed with payment
  5. TSCC will confirm the new member status of the applicant.

Important: Approval, Payment & Disclaimer

Payment will not be processed until your application has been approved. Once payment has been processed, the amount charged is nonrefundable. TSCC reserves the right to revoke or refuse membership if it believes doing so is in its best interest. Where membership revocation becomes necessary, a refund will be processed on a pro-rated basis.