TSCC Membership Convention


TSCC’s Membership Convention

It was in March 22, 2017 that the TSCC held its first Membership Convention at the Paria Suites Hotel and Conference Center in La Romaine. The event featured contributions from a range of speakers, including:

  • The Mayor of San Fernando, His Worship The Mayor Alderman Junia Regrello;
  • Chairman of Tanmiyat Investment Group, Mr. Sulyman Almajed;
  • Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ms. Frances Seignoret on behalf of Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee Scoon;
  • Former Acting Director of the Institute of International Relations, Dr. Anthony Gonzales;
  • Chairman of the Trinidad Saudi Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Umar Khan;
  • President of the Trinidad Saudi Chamber of Commerce, Mr Shazaad Mohammed;
  • President General of the Anjuman Sunnat-ul-Jamaat Association (ASJA), Haji Yacoob Ali
  • Founding Member of the Trinidad Saudi Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Aleem Mohammed

The Convention served to reemphasize the role of the TSCC in addressing the need for institutional mechanisms to promote cooperation between the Caribbean and Gulf Regions, bringing to light the need for greater diplomatic representation and also highlighting economic, social, cultural and tourism opportunities.

Their research provides an evidence base for developing policy and practice related to the welfare of families across Australia.


With the desire to market themselves in a more interactive way through their website, AIFS made the decision to move across to the WordPress CMS for increased content management functionality and for the option of more flexible, accessible and responsive ways of displaying content. As their existing site contained a substantial amount of high value content in the form of research publications, the breadth of requirements was extensive and would call for a significant overhaul to the information architecture. This would result in improved content discoverability across all subsites and subsequently make it easier for users to discover the depth of the material available to them.


In developing the solution, We built a distribution for AIFS – a pre-configured version of WordPress that is able to be used across their network of sites, is easily reconfigured to allow for customisations and boasts rich search capability across all sub-sites. We helped the AIFS team in becoming self-sufficient in terms of managing their sites, working closely alongside their internal team to assist them in becoming much more educated about WordPress, becoming efficient in the use of the distribution, and also with the ongoing management, maintenance and hosting of their numerous sites. They now have have a collection of integrated, content-managed websites that are the central hub for sharing and transferring knowledge generated by the Institute.

The Results

Hosted internally, the new AIFS website was successfully launched in mid 2015, the new distribution now implemented across their network of sites including the Australian Gambling Research Centre, Child Family Community Australia and numerous other sites that cater to separate projects of the Institute.